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  1. Alan: In 1885, William Stanley develops the transformer in this country. His first AC electrical generating station goes online in 1886. By the time Tesla joins Westinghouse in 1888, Westinghouse has a hundred AC power stations online. When General Electric is formed in 1892, Edison is ousted. The Thomson – Houston group runs GE. They are producers of AC power systems. There is no battle of the currents.

    • Thanks for your comment! I was aware that the Thomson-Houston group was headed toward AC power even before the merger with Edison’s GE in 1892. I am also aware that Tesla had (and continues to have) admirers who are, let us say, ardent! As is true with most EVERTHING in science and the fields of applied technology, priority of discovery/application becomes a dicey game. I believe Isaac Newton’s admission that, “If I have seen further, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants” applies to most all human endeavor. I hope my post served to enlighten those not so familiar with the great names and accomplishments mentioned therein!

  2. Alan: Don’t know if you remember me, but I too ended up as a hurdler for Berny. You signed and wrote in my yearboo, “George, Keep up the hurdling. It’ll pay off.” I was just a freshman, but you did encourage me to go on. This site is probably not on the web anymore but thought would give it a shot as I googled Berny Wagner and saw your posting about that great man.
    George Smith Class of 1961, San Mateo High School

    • As is the case with virtually all of my fellow trackmen under Berny Wagner, I do remember you. We were very fortunate to be at that place (San Mateo High) at that time (coached by Berny Wagner); I am sure you agree. Coach Wagner was the best: I sensed it then, and time only confirmed my youthful opinion. I am glad that I helped encourage a freshman team-mate/hurdler via your yearbook. I have two posts which discuss SMHS track. You can type “Berny Wagner” in the search box at the head of my still-active blog, Reason and Reflection. Thanks for reaching out and commenting!

  3. i don,t know how i came across this site , but i saw one of the first colt saa,s i had done a few years ago. the gold inlaid one laying on it,s left side. i think about the 4th one down on the page. i had sold it for 7000 dollars. this is all i do now.i was so happy to see it again. you must have very good taste in these guns. thanks for showing my piece . john pilkington

    • It is a small world! Thanks for your comment about my 5-23-15 post on the Colt Peacemaker revolver. Looks like you did a beautiful job on that one; none of those illustrated actually belong to me, unfortunately!

  4. Hi Allen. Got your invitation as you probably know. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you get a lot of enjoyment from your Blog. Yours is the first blog I have ever joined. Maybe I will get smart (if it’s not too late).

    • Hi Dave,
      Welcome! Thanks for joining; hope my blog proves interesting! It was good to see you both this weekend.
      Sent an invite to Patti also.

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