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  1. Alan: Don’t know if you remember me, but I too ended up as a hurdler for Berny. You signed and wrote in my yearboo, “George, Keep up the hurdling. It’ll pay off.” I was just a freshman, but you did encourage me to go on. This site is probably not on the web anymore but thought would give it a shot as I googled Berny Wagner and saw your posting about that great man.
    George Smith Class of 1961, San Mateo High School

    • As is the case with virtually all of my fellow trackmen under Berny Wagner, I do remember you. We were very fortunate to be at that place (San Mateo High) at that time (coached by Berny Wagner); I am sure you agree. Coach Wagner was the best: I sensed it then, and time only confirmed my youthful opinion. I am glad that I helped encourage a freshman team-mate/hurdler via your yearbook. I have two posts which discuss SMHS track. You can type “Berny Wagner” in the search box at the head of my still-active blog, Reason and Reflection. Thanks for reaching out and commenting!

  2. i don,t know how i came across this site , but i saw one of the first colt saa,s i had done a few years ago. the gold inlaid one laying on it,s left side. i think about the 4th one down on the page. i had sold it for 7000 dollars. this is all i do now.i was so happy to see it again. you must have very good taste in these guns. thanks for showing my piece . john pilkington

    • It is a small world! Thanks for your comment about my 5-23-15 post on the Colt Peacemaker revolver. Looks like you did a beautiful job on that one; none of those illustrated actually belong to me, unfortunately!

  3. Hi Allen. Got your invitation as you probably know. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you get a lot of enjoyment from your Blog. Yours is the first blog I have ever joined. Maybe I will get smart (if it’s not too late).

    • Hi Dave,
      Welcome! Thanks for joining; hope my blog proves interesting! It was good to see you both this weekend.
      Sent an invite to Patti also.

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