Finding a Thrift Shop Jewel

Several days ago, I accompanied my wife on a trip to the local Goodwill thrift shop – just to keep her company on a shopping expedition to find a few “white elephant” gifts for a gathering of her friends. I had never been inside the shop but had gone with her many times to drop off donations at the back door. I thought it might be an interesting experience to go in and look around! It turned out to be.

Ford F-1_1 Crop

After entering the front door, I trailed behind my wife as she headed toward the back of the store. Within seconds of arriving there, a shiny blue object caught my eye on a shelf situated at waist-level. “Whoa!” I thought to myself as I focused on a large ceramic cast of a Ford F-1 pickup-truck. The finish and the applied details were exquisite on this large-scale (foot-long) pickup – not your average cheaply-made ceramic display object. The “MSRP sticker price” for this little beauty: $10.69 – sold! My wife did find the white elephant gifts she was looking for, but I came away with the prize this time! We then walked down Murphy Street and celebrated over coffee from a favorite of ours, The Bean Scene. Nice day!