Reason and Reflection Is Back!

Alan KubitzTo all the readers of my blog, Reason and Reflection: I am pleased to announce that my blog site is emerging from a quasi-hibernation that has been in effect these past several months. After more than two-and-a-half years of posting weekly pretty much without fail beginning in February of 2013, some 136 posts in all, the need arose to spend considerable time for the past several months on personal/family matters, hence only three posts were offered so far in 2016. At this time, I am ready to resume doing what I enjoy doing, and that means writing about things that interest and excite me or about relevant happenings in this world of ours. My future intent is to post at least every two to three weeks without a fixed time-table.

This new phase will begin with a brand new post tomorrow, June 14. It features Charles Darwin – his personal story and his contributions to natural science. Look for it tomorrow: I think it will be worth your time.  

Those of you who have not become listed “followers” of my blog might wish to become one by clicking the grey “FOLLOW” button at the top right column of my home page. Like many have done, providing your E-mail address will insure that you receive a brief notice each time a new post appears, and you can un-FOLLOW at any time (but I hope not!). There is no other obligation than that involved in following my blog.


Please let me know what you think. You do not need to be a listed follower in order to comment. Don’t try spamming because WordPress will filter it out automatically. I always respond to legitimate comments, so at the end of each post, either look for a “comment box” or a small “Leave a reply” to click on for commenting.

Just one more thing: On my home page, you have access via my archives to every one of my 136 posts. Go ahead and look, and if you like what you see and read in my posts, let your friends know about this site which resides at :                                         

4 thoughts on “Reason and Reflection Is Back!

  1. Looking forward to them. Hope you and Linda and her brothers are doing OK. Very sad to lose such a special lady. I know her passing has left a hole in your hearts and lives. I pray for her and all of you every day. Hugs to you both.

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    • Thanks, Linda! Glad to be back in the saddle with my blog. We both appreciate the good wishes coming our way. Hope all is well with you both – lots of catching-up to do!

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