Time for a Change: My New Blog Posting Routine

After posting a weekly reflection (mini-essay) for close to two and one-half years, now, I have decided it is time for a change. Beginning now, future posts will be on an occasional basis, following no fixed schedule. For those of you who have enjoyed my regular, weekly posts but have never listed yourself with WordPress as a “follower” of my blog, your best option, at this point, is to become a follower of my blog by clicking “Home” on my blog header and then clicking the grey “FOLLOW” button at the upper right-hand column. Some early readers who never enrolled with WordPress as a follower have been receiving E-mail notifications of new posts directly from me as a courtesy. That will no longer happen, so be sure to find and click the “FOLLOW” button to be notified directly by WordPress of each new post as it appears.

Blog Card_1_CROP

Being a follower entails nothing more than receiving an E-mail notification directly from WordPress each time I post a new reflection. There is no other connotation or obligation involved, and your E-mail address goes nowhere else other than to WordPress for the stated purpose. That is a simple, convenient way for you to know when a new reflection is posted on my blog – so much better than periodically searching for a new post. You can opt-out as a follower at any time.

Notion of Motion Author_LightInstead of a regular, weekly schedule, I plan to post only every three or four weeks, typically. Although I have thoroughly enjoyed reasoning and reflecting these past months with you, my readers, other things in life demand more of my time at this point. There is no greater pleasure for me than sharing with kindred spirits the simple pleasures and, occasionally, the profound revelations that life has to offer. Along with providing the joy of sharing with anyone interested, my blog has served this writer as a written record of who I am, my personal life experiences, and the people, events, and ideas that have seemed important to me throughout my life. In other words, these 123 mini-essays have done double-duty as a written memoir for my grandchildren and their children, someday…and I propose to self-publish them in total as such at a future date (in suitably limited numbers).

My blog archive (click “Home” on the blog header) contains all 123 of my posts, and these are organized by date. They can be searched by category and/or “keywords.” I hope you will make full use of the archive and continue to enjoy my past posts in this way.  Thanks for coming along with me on this journey – I hope to see you all on future posts!

Best Wishes,



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