Holiday Cheer and a Happy New Year!

IMG_1965Yesterday was a good day as we prepared for the  holiday season. Linda and I went to church, then to a favorite coffee shop, and then on to Walgreen’s drug store to pick up a few things and to buy something we just had to have. It’s one of those battery-operated seasonal toys: This one dances to the tune “Rockin’ around the Christmas tree – have a happy holiday…”  with lights flashing and mouth moving in sync to the music. We had given one to our grandsons the evening before and decided to buy one for ourselves, as well.

We had a very fine shopping experience at Walgreens – the kind which brightens your day. First of all, we were warmly greeted as we walked into the store. Then, a saleslady was very helpful as she guided us to the other items on our list, even to the point of producing money-saving store coupons which she had collected.

As we left the store, I commented on the Walgreens experience and what a pleasant morning it had been so far, noting that one should always enjoy such good experiences to the hilt as they are becoming increasingly rare.

A few minutes later, we were home with our bargain-priced items and our personable little rockin’ Christmas tree. We pressed the button to play it, and, to our dismay, the little musical collection of fanciful foliage showed some defective dance-moves. The second play showed the same problems even though we had tested it at the store!

Linda and I looked at each other and could only smile and laugh over how quickly pleasant moments and experiences can evaporate! She smiled and said, “I’ll go,” as she swept up our defective little tree. A few minutes later, she was back with one that works perfectly – our joy over the morning’s events restored.

To the greater point: The saleslady at Walgreens with her positive, helpful attitude was what really made our day, yesterday. As the world boggles along looking for grand, top-down solutions to society’s problems, experiences like yesterday’s constantly reaffirm, in my mind, the fact that society’s ills will only be cured on a one-to-one basis. A personal attitude of good will, consideration, and respect for one another is the ultimate answer to the myriad problems of the world.

An example close to home: Imagine how clean our streets and neighborhoods would be if each and every one of us would take personal responsibility and eliminate litter.

Individual, grass-root effort is the key to realizing a functioning society and “peace on earth, goodwill toward men.” In that spirit, I am motivated to try harder and make 2015 a better year than 2014 – for everyone.

 Wishing you a peaceful holiday season and a memorable 2015,
I thank you for following my blog!

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